ATOMIC ACCESSORIES™ is leader in production and in distribution of interactive entertainment products, devices and accessories for consoles, personal computers, tablets and mobile phones since 1996. Our products combine advanced technology, reliability and constant innovation in cutting edge design and highly competitive prices.



Our products line-up satisfies the need of gamers and of high-end users, offering accessories and devices for all consoles: SONY™ (Playstation™4, Playstation™3, Playstation™2, PSP™/ PSVita™); MICROSOFT™ (XboxONE™, Xbox™360, Kinect™); NINTENDO™ (DS™, 3DS™, Wii™, Wii U™);  WINDOWS™ based system products (PC, smartphones, tablets); APPLE™ products (MAC™, iPOD™, iPHONE™, iPAD™) and ANDROID™ based products such as smartphones and tablets.



ATOMIC ACCESSORIES™ produces high quality accessories and devices, ensures strict quality controls, CE and FCC certifications, RAEE and ROHS regulations.

With the innovative line-up of multi platform products, ATOMIC ACCESSORIES™ exponentially increases its offer, providing solutions of great versatility and advantage for retailers and final users. In last years ATOMIC ACCESSORIES™ has significantly expanded the range of products and has enhanced the level of appeal to the customers, providing a wide range of quality accessories for each respective category.


The brand ATOMIC ACCESSORIES™ is present in more than 2.000 stores,  and e-tailers. The main feature of ATOMIC ACCESSORIES™ is the continued presence in the most important stores of Mass Retail Channel and Electrical Specialists. Thanks to co-marketing, licensing, co-branding and partnership effective operations with some worldwide important companies, ATOMIC ACCESSORIES™ brand is experiencing a period of strong growth and reputation. ATOMIC ACCESSORIES™ can count on a very strong brand, constantly supported by dynamic press, web campaigns and by events organisation with top level organs of communication.

ATOMIC ACCESSORIES™ is a brand of ATOMIC GROUP™: twenty years of experience in different business fields: from pc and console devices and hardcore gaming controllers, to professional LED lighting solution, to confidential consults and advisory services for executive leaders.


ATOMIC GROUP™: real massive business, proudly since 1996.


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