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First of all, thank you for choosing an awesome product made by Atomic Accessories.


ATOMIC ACCESSORIES is now proud to extend the International Warranty on all its products up to 5 years,

according to the law of the country where they have been purchased.


<<Why a Warranty Extension? And how much does it cost?>>

Well, we are giving this Warranty Extension because we trust believe in our products and we would like to give it for FREE

to all our customers that will buy our products, starting from now.

Isn't it awesome?!


ATOMIC products are guaranteed according to the law of the country where they have been purchased.

ATOMIC guarantees its products extending the Warranty up to 5 years from the date of retail purchase

only with express request from original purchaser.

Warranty is not valid for dealers and retailers.


If product is defective, within the 5th year from the date of retail purchase, the purchaser must follow these steps:


1 - Send defect report and Warranty receipt confirmation received from ATOMIC to the following e-mail address: support@atomic-accessories.com;

2 -  Wait for a feedback from ATOMIC.


ATOMIC will eventually replace the defective product with an identical one or, if the product is discontinued, with a similar product of the same level.


For any information or suggestion about

our products, please browse our website or feel free to contact us at the following

email address:


For any kind of assistance, help or problem about our products, please contact us at the following email address:


Are you a retailer or a wholesaler?

Please do not hesitate to contact us

at the following email address:



You will get updated with what's new

with ATOMIC ACCESSORIES new products releases.

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